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Q: What makes DJs Different?

A: The adage "you get what you pay for" rings true. Here are the factors that make DJs different:

Experience: Experience is paramount. All of our DJs have backgrounds in entertaining and performing so they will deliver the perfect performance for your event.

Music: Most people have a musical vocabulary of songs that they know and can identify. Generally most people know of between 3,000 and 8,000 songs; we carry more than 40,000 songs to every event. We'll work directly with you to determine the right music for your event. We carry clean versions of most of todays popular music.

Philosophy/Personality: You will work with your DJ to coordinate and facilitate your event. You should feel comfortable--never pressured--when working with them. Unlike vendors who drop off the cake or arrange the flowers and leave, the DJ works hand-in-hand with you, and cater to the needs of your guests. A good DJ ensures a seamless event taking care of without hesitation any of the clients needs or guests needs musical or non-musical. Making sure those giving the toast have glasses, taking care of lighting issues or temperature issues with the venue, and generally making your guests feel welcome and comfortable. ambiance lighting

Lights: Lights really enhance an event when done well. Your DJ should be able to offer you various lighting options. We have years of experience, not only with dance lighting, but with uplighting and custom monogram lighting. Special event lighting packages.

Contract: Be wary of anyone who will perform at an event or accept money without a signed contract, especially with friends. A contract should specify exactly what the DJ will provide, how much they will charge, both parties liabilities, and where and how arbitration will take place should anything happen. We have a comprehensive contract covering all aspects of your event so there are no surprises. We will not accept deposits without a signed contract.

Sound/Equipment: A low price tends to mean cheap equipment (which produce a broken/scratchy sound, and have frequent "malfunctions"). The DJ might not even show up. Also, be wary of DJs who still use CDs. Digital music is the industry standard. If they haven't made the move to digital, they probably haven't updated their equipment either. Examples of our DJ Setups.

Our company was founded on exceeding industry standards and delivering exceptional quality entertainment for each and every event. We provide attentive, personal service custom tailored for each of our unique clients and their needs. We treat every event as our own and will treat you and your guests with the highest level of professionalism.

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