Q: What do I need to provide the DJ?example of basic setup

A: The following items are required to be provided for your DJs:

One 6 or 8-foot rectangular table
One 6 or 8-foot table is required for our DJ setups. Almost all venues have these readily available, but if your event is at a private residence, please make sure a table is provided

The client is responsible for taking care of the DJ's parking in case free parking is not available. Check with the venue about special passes for the DJ if the venue has a pay parking system.

Two Power Outlets within 50 feet of the DJ setup
Power outlets need to be near the DJ setup. We require two outlets because one generally does not provide adequate power to run all of our equipment. A venue representative should be able to suggest the best location for the DJ.

Covering for Outdoor Events
The client is responsible for providing adequate cover for the DJ in the case of an outdoor event. Generally a 10x10 foot tent is adequate for fair weather days. The ground needs to be dry without any standing water or sogginess otherwise ground covering is required as well. In the case of foul weather and an alternate indoor location is not availble the DJ retains the right to determine whether the perforamnce can continue or not due to safety concerns.

Meals for our DJ's are never required but are appreciated when provided by the client.

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