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Spotlight Your Wedding Cake

A spotlight on your wedding cake is the best way to show off and feature the edible artwork created specfically for your wedding. Your cake is a significant investment, it's a really good idea to make sure that your guests are able to enjoy this edible piece of artwork throughout the entire evening.

Cake Spotlight

When spotlighting the cake it's important to make sure that guests can see all the features and intricacies that you and your cake maker designed. Oftentimes the entire reception space is too dark and no one will be able to see the detail of your cake or it's features unless it's highlighted with a cake spot light.

We use a specially designed lighting fixture to throw a very focused, soft, light on the cake that illuminates all of the detail and work of the cake. A wedding cake is a comissioned piece of artwork that only lasts for a short amount of time and is often a significant part of any wedding budget, making sure it's visible is important. Below is a before and after of the exact same cake and setup before and after using a cake spotlight.

wedding cake spotlight before and after

Clean Setupcake spot light stand example

Our cake spotlight uses very little space and we use black fabric to cover up any unsightly aspects of the stand. The result is a small, unobtrusive lighting fixture that lights up your wedding cake so that all of your guests may enjoy it.

The photo to the right shows our ceremony speaker (on the left) right next to our cake spotlight (on the right). Because the stand is above guests heads and uses a very focused beam, guests walking in the space will not block out the light aimed at the cake.

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We work with you to come up with one- of-a-kind lighting options for your wedding that will truly set your wedding apart and make it personal and unique to you. We can work within your budget to create the biggest visual impact. We have worked at many of the best venues in the Virginia, Maryland and DC area and can offer our personal insight as to what the best lighting options will be for each venue. This type of expertise and integration into your entertainment is what makes us one of the best entertainment companies in the DC area.

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