wedding setup

Q: Do I need lighting?

A: Lights are the element that adds depth and the beautiful backdrop of your event. Lighting acts to help people get into the atmosphere of the event, and dramatically helps to keep guests dancing and having a good time. You should consider lighting if your event will be at night or in a room that can be darkened. Obviously lighting won't help for events in daylight or in rooms that can't be darkened.

Q: What kind of lighting do you offer?

A: We have moving, high-energy colored lights that dance to the beat of the music, monogram and logo lighting for weddings and corporate events, to programmable lights that adjust to the music. Here is all of our special event lighting.nance colors

Most weddings don't need blacklights to make guests "glow." However, we highly recommend lights for most events because they really do make a big difference. During our consultation we can work together to determine the best setup for your needs.

Q: How much does lighting cost for our event?

A: We really have numerous options depending on your event. From basic uplighting, to wedding monograms, to dance party lighting, or a full out light show we can meet your requirements. When booking lights with our entertainment services we are able to offer a lower price than if you were to book lighting separately.

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