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Light Up The Night

A gobo or monogram light is a great way for you to add impact to the room and space that your event is in. We now offer a rental option for gobo/monogram lighting that is cost effective, looks amazing, and allows you to feature this at your event! We offer free shipping both ways to anywhere in the continential United States.

LED uplighting with glass gobo monogram pink at raspberry plains leesburg virginiaWhat is a Gobo?

Gobo stands for "GOes Before Optics", it's a template that fits onto a special light that projects a design onto a wall, dance floor, ceiling, or just about anywhere else you can think of. Monogram lighting, name in lights, wedding lighting are all terms that have been used to describe gobos and what they are used for.

The Design

We'll work directly with you to incorporate your ideas into a design or take an existing design and transfer it into the format required to create a gobo. We can work with anything that you have, ideas, concepts, scanned images of designs you like, powerpoint, you name it. We'll take your idea or concept and create a few different versions or comps that we will send you. You pick the one you like or we'll make adjustments until we have the design you're looking for. Once we have a design together we convert it into the proper format required to create a metal or glass gobo.

Gobo Materials

Metal gobo's literally cut the design through a thin piece of metal where the cut out portions allow light project through. Metal gobos are the cheapest to make but are limiting in the quality of many designs. Iin letters like (A,O,R,P,Q,B,4,6,8,9). If you were to cut these out into a piece of metal you would not be able to see the letter correctly because there would be nothing to hold the metal in place to form the space in that particular letter.

A hanging piece of metal or numerous pieces of metal must be left to form the letters correctly. The graphic below shows the exact same design, one for glass and one in metal. Note how in the metal design the month and date is hard to read because of the metal required to hold the design in place.

Glass gobos are the answer to this problem but are a little more expensive. With these gobos the design is printed onto a piece of high temperature glass using the same finish as you would find in a mirror. This allows for clean, elegant designs and for a much better finished projection. Glass gobos come in either black and white, grayscale or colored.

The best part is that the design can not only be used for the light, but we will provide a high quality version to be used for invitations, programs, cake toppers, cake designs, and to repeat through the wedding design.

glass gobos design pictures of actual goboThe Light

For our rental clients we use a specialized gobo projector that is light weight, bright, and can be used by placing on any flat, stable surface. We include a spare bulb, case, and all the instructions you need to project your gobo. We include a link to our video instructions so you can see exactly how to set it up and all the tips and tricks we have for getting the best result possible out of your light.

Our lights use High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps, the brightest lights in the industry known for their intense bright white light, perfect for projecting your design on a myriad of surfaces.

Can I Just Use a Media Projector?

You could use a media projector for your design used with a computer but it won't look that good for a few reasons. A regular multimedia projector doesn't look professional. Projectors do not have a true "black", even black areas of the projection use light. This appears as a gray box surrounding wherever you project your monogram. Many projectors work well in a super dar room but are not bright enough to cut through the lighting in most rooms to adequately see the design. Our lights are specifically tuned to focus and project the clearest image possible without any bleed of extraneous light.

DIY and Rent What You Need at a Fraction of the Cost

alissa amanda monogram design wedding love busWe make the process of projecting a monogram design at your wedding easy. We'll work with you through the design of the monogram or the gobo, ship you the light the week of your event with clear and easy to read instructions. We include a video showing you how to setup the light and ideas for projecting your monogram. After the event use the prepaid UPS label to ship the lighting unit back to us and you're all set!

wedding monogram lighting and gobosPricing
All prices include design/conversion, gobo creation, light rental for the event, shipping both ways. After the event you get to keep your custom gobo design! Check out our gobo design & projector rental pricing.

* - Prices are based on 1 month lead time before the event, 1 week rental, and 2 rounds of design adjustments. Rush orders, complex designs, or excessive design adjustments will impact the total price for the gobo order.

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We work with you to come up with one- of-a-kind lighting options for your wedding that will truly set your wedding apart and make it truly personal and unique. We can work within your budget to create the biggest impact possible. Reserve your monogram light for your event today!

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