Monogram Lighting for Weddings

LED uplighting with glass gobo monogram pink at raspberry plains leesburg virginiaMake a Statement

Monogram lighting can be an excellent way to pull together all the elements of your wedding. A monogram light and design creates a high impact focal point to the room and provides the perfect environment to show off all the beautiful work you've put into the cake, flowers and decor.

The Design

We can either create a deign for you, or work with you to take the design or idea you already have and create the camera ready artwork needed to create your light.

glass gobos design pictures of actual goboA monogram light is created from a design. If you have a paper copy or illustration, we convert it into a digital vector illustration. If you have a magazine picture or font idea we can re-create it and customize it as needed.

The best part is that the design can not only be used for the light, but we will provide a high quality version to be used for invitations, programs, cake toppers, cake designs, and to repeat through the wedding design.

Crafting the Light

The design is then created into a piece of metal or high temperature glass called a gobo. The gobo is what the light projects through to create your image. The first design is the most expensive because of the time required to setup the actual machine that creates the design into the metal or piece of glass. Subsequent copies or duplicates are made much cheaper making sense in some situations to have two gobo's created one for the main room and another for the outside of the venue or another room. metal vs glass gobo differences

There are different types of gobo's, metal, glass and multicolored glass. Metal gobo's punch the design through a solid piece of metal where the punched out portions project the light. These are the cheapest to make but the drawback can be seen in letters like (A,O,R,P,Q,B,4,6,8,9). If you were to punch out these into a solid piece of metal you would not be able to see the letter correctly so a hanging piece of metal or numerous pieces of metal must be left to form the letters correctly. The graphic above shows the difference in a design, one for glass and one in metal. alissa amanda monogram design wedding love bus

For almost all designs we use glass gobo's because it allows for a learner more elegant design. The design above is a black and white design, it allows for dark areas and light areas. Another option is a grayscale monogram design. This allows for shading as in the W design. This will allow a small amount of light through the gray area but the full amount of light through the completely black areas of the design.

Behind the design we can change the color of the light effectively being able to project your design in any color that you choose.

Lights Vs. Projectorsgrayscale gobo design for weddings

The gobo is then mounted into a special holder that holds the gobo in front of the light and allows it to be projected on a number of surfaces. Some articles and sources suggest using a regular multimedia projector toproject the gobo to save money. This is a bad idea and does not look professional, projectors do not project a true "black" and there will be a gray box surrounding wherever you project your monogram. Many times projectors are not bright enough to cut through the lighting in the room to adequately see the design. We use HID (high intensity discharge) lights that can be used in a room full of daylight where the design can be seen clearly from everywhere.

Monogram LIghting

We make it easy to add monogram lighting to your wedding in addition to our wedding DJ services or in one of our lighting packages or by itself for your wedding. Ideas and consultations are free and if you have an idea we'd love to work with you to make it happen. If you don't know where to start let us help you and give you some ideas to work with to find the perfect monogram light and design for your wedding!

wedding monogram lighting and gobosReserve Your Monogram Lighting Today!

We work with you to come up with one- of-a-kind lighting options for your wedding that will truly set your wedding apart and make it truly personal and unique. We can work within your budget to create the biggest impact possible. We have worked at many of the best venues in the Virginia, Maryland and DC area and can offer our personal insight to what the best lighting options will be for wedding location. This type of expertise is what makes us one of the best entertainment companies in the DC area.

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