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Depth, Interest, Impact

Texture lighting is the art of using light to create dimension, space, and visual interest by breaking up the boring flat appearance of everyday items and turning them into extraordinary art pieces. A normal room can be re-imagined using light.

Texture lighting uses gobos, or metal/ glass discs with special designs cut into them that break up a light source and create patterns on a dance floor, ceiling, wall cake, or other items in a room. By adding color and varying intensity the effect can be quite dramatic transforming a space into something completely new and different.



Lights Used

Source 4 Ellipsoidal

jaycee community center texture lighting weddingSource 4 lights are the industry standard for texture lighting. They have easy access doors to shape the light and replace gobos as needed. These lights are designed to pass the heat generally found with this type of lighting out of the back of the light so that guests won't bake under the hot stage lighting. These lights come in different light spreads so it's good to make sure that the light beam angles used are appropriate for the given space.

DMX Moving Head Lights

These fixtures allow the most flexibility in creating patterns and textures in a room. Controlled with a lighting controller these lights can change color, shape, strobe or react to music or changing conditions as needed.

Generally seen in concert lighting, these lights are perfect for when a texture or pattern should scan or move around a room. One application is to have the stars on a the ceiling slowly rotate, or to have snow flakes gently roll around the room as guests are entering.

wedding texture lighting gobo scroll whitehall manor bluemont vaHow Texture Lighting Works

Lights are placed on light trees at strategically placed points in the room. Generally these lights are place in the corners to avoid any contact with guests.

The beams are focused and the texture is projected across the room or onto a given wall or feature in the room. The beam is shaped using the build in shaping panels so light is projected in exactly the right pattern that is desired.

Using multiple lights and patterns we can transform an ordinary reception ball room into something truly unique. One option is to take a design element of the wedding dress and create it into a gobo that can be projected in the room to accent the wedding cake, dance floor, ceremony aisle, or on the tables in the room. This can help tie together all the design elements used on a wedding day.

christmas texture lighting partyTexture Lighting Patterns

The patterns used in texture lighting can vary depending on the application. Weddings generally stars, clouds, abstract patterns and textures are the most commonly used patterns. Stage lighting texture lighting might be used to create a window pattern, a moon in the sky, or create the lights of a city scape in the background of a production.

We can also use seasonal graphics and projections. Grapes and different wine patterns work well in the Virginia area for country weddings. We've also done christmas trees and other holiday themed patterns for holiday christmas parties.

star texture lighting ceiling with blue uplightingLighting In The Big Picture

When coming up with a budget for your wedding think about lighting. For a fraction of the cost of extra flowers, favors, or other types of decorations you can add the elegance and impact of painting with light to your wedding. Lighting not only works well during the entire event but it allows your flowers and other decorations to shine later on in the evening. When it's dark for the reception guests always notice the lighting and continually thank us and comment on how much it adds to their event. It looks great in the photos as well, turning ordinary candid's during dancing into the beautiful event that your wedding deserves to be.

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