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Transform Your Wedding with Lighting

The best way to understand how you can transform a space is to actually see the transformation. We've put together some before and after examples of wedding lighting.

john marshall ballrooms before and after wedding lighting


John Marshall Ballrooms - Richmond, VA (Virginia Ballroom)

This John Marshall Ballrooms benefits greatly from the addition of lighting in the space. Uplightng helped cool the "yellow" look of the room, the scroll pattern texture lighting behind the stage and above the dancefloor helped make the room feel bigger by drawing guests eyes up to feel the height of the space, and the cake spotlight helped define and feature the beatiful cake.

W hotel wedding lighting before and after washington dc

W Hotel - Altitude Ballroom - Washington, DC

This ballroom was completely transformed with uplighting and the striking texture lighting on the gray walls at the end of the ballroom. The candle lighting on each of the tables worked really well in conjunction with the LED centerpiece lights under each of the short glass floral arrangements.

fairfax police association gym hall wedding lighting

Fairfax Police Association Hall - Fairfax, VA

How do you turn a large gym with horrible basketball lighting, exposed insulation, jazzercise equipment and posters, and no personality into a space suited for a wedding? Lighting.

Texture lighting flanking a custom wedding monogram and texture stars on the ceiling. White pipe and drape to help showcase the head table and hide piles of unmovable jazzercise equipment. Uplighting in white and fuchsia for room lighting. We also used LED centerpieces under each of the arrangements in conjunction with candle light to add ambiance to each of the guests tables.


martins camelot wedding lighting

Martin's Camelot - Upper Marlboro, MD

This was a fairy tale wedding transformation for a wedding client at Martin's Camelot in Upper Marlboro. It was a wedding for 300 people. The challenge was creating the overall fairy tale feel even though it was during the summer when it was light out with the huge windows in the space.

We used purple up lighting throughout the space as our base lighting element. We used black pipe and drape to cover the windows 3/4 of the way while leaving the upper part of the windows open to keep the soft arches in the room. We used 300 fairy berries and integrated them throughout the floral arrangements and on the black panels so that the entire room sparkled. We used a bliss light over the dance floor area to create a magical starry night sky effect.

The change of color in the carpet was from the purple uplights. This was the night of the Hurricane that hit DC in 2011 and we used half plug-in lights and half battery powered LED uplights. While the power would blink off and on throughout the evening the battery powered lights enabled the evening to go on.

jaycee communcity center waldorf md uplighting texture lighting wedding

Jaycee Community Center - Waldorf, MD

This transformation used a combination of texture lighting on the ceiling to replace the fluorescent lighting with a warmer organic pattern. We then used a combination of blue and purple uplighting to create a warm feel throughout the space. Pipe and drape in black and white was used behind the head table riser to hide a large vented grate and part of a bingo board.

A cake spotlight was used to help the cake standout on the other side of the room and pin-spot lighting was used throughout to illuminate the guest book and the family memory table.

During the ceremony in the same room we used a spotlight to illuminate the couple and the bridal part to help make them shine for the ceremony and look their best.

Overall a total transformation of a bingo/general purpose room into a warm inviting space perfect for a wedding.

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