The Right Music, Every Time

Our DJs work with you to determine the types of music that you and your guests will like. You will get to pick the genres, artists, eras that you would like played at your party. All of our music is radio-edited so the music will always be appropriate and comfortable for you and your guests.


We are more than happy to play your and your guests requests at the party. Many times your guests will make requests to hear songs that mean something to them, their friends and will think of great songs throughout the party. We are also happy to play music that we work out ahead of time, it just depends on the event and personal preference.

Music Lists

We've created a few music lists for you to check out to help you pick the perfect music for your special event.

Online Library

You and your guests can browse through our online library below to see what songs we have available and which songs we don't. You can start a "Must Play" and "Do Not Play" list so you only hear the songs you would like. Updated 2/21/11

Note: Speakers do not actually play music, to listen to samples and purchase music we recommend iTunes. Use the banner below to access the iTunes store.


Amazon Music