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We love to work with college groups and organizations on the right music for their events. We have many great lighting and sound systems to match whatever type of event you would like to have. Our DJs know the music that gets everyone involved into the evening to keep everyone having a great time. We offer custom lighting that features your fraternity, sorority or group logo on the walls that really will set your event apart from any others.

The groups we work with keep coming back year after year because we mix up the music and keep it fresh, but we always keep everyone having a great time. We also offer photography packages so you can get the perfect music and great photography so you and your guests can remember the evening for years to come.

Schools We've Worked With: georgetown university christmas party

Why choose our DJs? college formal party


We have performed at numerous events, working with fraternities and sororities such as Sigma Kappa, Alpha Phi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Delta Chi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Sigma Pi, and Sigma Sigma Sigma; organizations and the Senior Class Challenge committee; and Student Government Associations on events such as Senior Week and Alumni Galas.

We have, and can acquire, special song mixes with your fraternity or sorority name in them to personalize your event.

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