Sweet Sixteen Party DJssweet sixteen lighting

Imagine the perfect Sweet Sixteen party DJ for your party. Someone who has the hottest DJs, lights, and music to help create an extraordinary event that will keep you and your friends raving for years to come as the best party ever! We deliver over-the-top sweet sixteen parties that are high energy and interactive keeping you and your guests the center of attention and the party! We have multiple packages and options to help the sweet sixteen person have the birthday of a lifetime.

Every Sweet Sixteen Party package includes:

The Event of a Lifetimesweet sixteen monogram

We have projectors for slideshows of the birthday person and their friends. We can also project photography from your event as it happens. Custom lights can project the birthday person's name around the room. We'll create a grand entrance, complete with lights and fog. Giveaways, glow sticks, beads, leis, and party favors can be provided to fit in with any theme, too!

Your friends will walk in to see the room lit up in the colors that YOU pick. All the decorations will be set and the latest in newest music that YOU picked out will be playing. As your guests arrive you will be hanging out with your best friends getting ready to make YOUR entrance.

Your Grand Entrancedancing for the sweet sixteen

The room is set, decorations are placed and your friends can't wait until YOU show up. The red carpet is set and the moment has come, the music starts up, the lights are flashing, haze fills the air, and the cameras go off, YOU are the star of your very own Ultimate Sweet Sixteen Party.

The Party of a Lifetime

Time after time guests and parents comment on how our events are the best parties they have ever been to. We keep the energy up through teaching dances, interactive games, giveaways, the hottest lights and attractive DJs. We provide the music, lights, entertainment, prizes, games and more all you have to do is pick the room and look your best. You only turn sixteen once, you deserve THE BEST!

The Options

For the special birthday girl who deserves the best we can provide :

The only limit is your imagination, if we have it we'll provide it, if we don't have it we'll make it happen. Saturdays are by far the most popular dates in the year so it helps to plan ahead but if it's close to the date we can work with you if we have availablity.

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Party Theme Ideas:

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