Wedding Reception Venue Profiles for Virginia and Washington DC
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Picking the Right Venue

Picking the right venue for your wedding location is the first step in planning your wedding. Everything is dependent on the venue, location, vendors, number of guests, restrictions, type of wedding, style of wedding, etc. The best way to determine which venue might best fit your needs is to see them and see real examples of other peoples weddings, the good and bad of each venue and how it might fit into your plans.

We've created profiles of wedding venues in Virginia, Maryland and DC of our favorite venues to perform at. We'll give you an inside look into how the venues look when they are lit up, what others have done, and the pros and cons that we've seen couples deal with when dealing with each venue. We hope our experience will help you find the best venues in the DC metro area. We've broken the venues down by state for ease of reference.

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Virginia Wedding Venues

DC Wedding Reception Venues

We have performed at all of these venues numerous times and are very familiar with their setup and can offer you our unique insight into the venue and setup because of our experience there. You'll feel confident knowing that your DJ knows the venue and can offer the best service because of this experience. If you would like to check availability for DJs for your wedding please enter your wedding info below.

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