After The Wedding: The Guide That Didn't Come With The Rings

whitehall manor swing picture empty bride and groomThe vows have been said, the family has left, your friends have posted their final comments on the wedding photos on facebook and it's the beginning of your marriage together. The changes to your life did not end at "I Do" they have only just begun.

Like many of lifes events, there are no instruction books or people to guide you after the wedding when the excitement of planning and readying has ended. We've put together a comprehensive list of after the wedding resources to help you recover, refresh, and start your marriage on the best foot possible!

Name Changes, Updates, Forms

You can't live without Brides, enter your information once, they automatically generate all the necessary "new" info into all of the federal and state forms you'll need to change. They even include major banks and other institutions. The $30 you spend with them is way less than the $1000's you'll spend on the headaches trying to do it yourself.

Accounts to Updatespring wedding cake flowers tall white


Amazingly some of your accounts will automatically update including your credit card history and information. It may take up to one year for it to update fully. The credit bureaus recive the information from your credit card issuer.

Many accounts require a marriage certificate to update, next in line is the social security card, then passport. These are the "keys" you'll need to update the following:

People change their names all the time, so it's not uncommon to keep running into accounts that need updating overtime. These essential accounts will get you started on getting your name changd over. It took a lifetime to establish yourself it takes more than a couple of days to reverse your identity.


sparkler finish for the weddingAfter the wedding there are a ton of photos that you'll get from your photographer, family and friends from the wedding. You may find them on Facebook, flickr or just about any other photo sharing site.

They key here is organization. Move all of your pictures that you find into folders for your wedding. Group them with like images, this will make it easy to sort through, print and deal with them later.

If you have iPhoto (mac only) you can go through and tag images of yourself. The program has facial recognition that gets "smarter" as you tag more and more photos. It then groups all the photos of certain people together making it really really easy to sort through photos after the wedding.


Written by Brian King owner of Superlative Events Wedding DJs, Lighting, and Planning in the DC Metro Area. Over 10 years of helping couples celebrate some of life's greatest moments. Article and Photos (unless otherwise noted) copyright Brian King 2009.