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Tipping your wedding vendors is completely optional and should never be forced on you. Some vendors do offer tipping as part of their fees, but generally as a rule of thumb great service should dictate if tipping your vendors is warranted.

As in any other service industry, if your wedding vendor does an exceptional job, tips are always appreciated. It's a case by case basis and depends on your individual experience and what you believe to be fair.

In our research we've compiled a number of leading resources on etiquette and tipping to provide you a good general guideline for which vendors generally are tipped and by how much. Individual markets will indicate varying prices but this is a good starting point.

Tips on Tipping

Hotel and Catering Staff

Wedding Professionals (Generally Tipped)

Wedding Professionals (Generally Not Tipped)

If outsanding service is provided, between 5% - 20% is acceptable for:

In the end if they went above and beyond what they were required to do, helped make your day exceptional or otherwise took care of you tipping is always appreciated.

Written by Brian King owner of Superlative Events Wedding DJs, Lighting, and Planning in the DC Metro Area. Over 10 years of helping couples celebrate some of life's greatest moments. Article and Photos (unless otherwise noted) copyright Brian King 2009.