Wedding Ideas, Wedding Resources and Wedding History

Superlative Events - couple dancingWe've written a number of articles on weddings from our experiences working with hundreds of couples over the years and from our perspective on what makes weddings unique and memorable.

These articles and resources are the best of the best and should help you through the planning process to creat a wedding that is unique, personal and perfect!

Wedding Resources: The Essential Resources For Your Wedding

After The Wedding: The Guide That Didn't Come With the Rings

The vows have been said, the rings have been given, the honeymoon is over but now there are a number of new challenges facing you as a married couple, hooray! The best resources for changing your name, dealing with thank yous, getting finances in line, organizing photos, searching for houses/apartments, and other life issues.

Tipping Wedding Vendors: How Much and Who Gets Tipped

Tipping is never required for wedding vendors. In the case of excellent services, this article serves as a guide to tipping, etiquette and guidelines.

father daughter before walking down the aisle rosehill manorHistory and Tradition

Wedding History, Traditions, and Folklore
All of the traditional aspects of a wedding and where they cam from. Knowing the history and the customs behind these traditions will help you decide if they are right to include in your wedding.

Wedding Music Selection

Picking the perfect song for those special moments in the wedding day can be a daunting task. We've picked out our favorites, popular songs, and unique songs that can be part of the perfect soundtrack for your wedding day.