Wedding Slideshows, Projectors and Screens

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We have a number of truly unique ways to tell the personal story of the couple on their wedding day. We have a number of custom options we'll work with you to find the best fit for your wedding.

We offer custom built slideshows, a number of screens, and high power HD short-throw projectors to let all of your guests see your slideshow, movies or photos in vibrant rich color in daylight or at night time.

Custom Slideshows

One of the most popular options is to use us to produce your wedding slideshow. This makes it easy to create a professional movie without having to worry about the technology behind it, the effort, or the trouble in creating a slideshow which can be very time intensive. We handle all the aspects of your slideshow and will work to select the best style of slideshow to fit your needs. Popular options include:

stretch screen dj wedding photo coupleThe Wedding Story - We produce a slideshow with music going through the couple growing up individually, and then the couple after meeting each other through the day of the wedding. We add in photos from the wedding day to cap off the slideshow. This is our most popular option. Great places to fit this in can be a 2-4 minute version for the grand entrance, or a longer version to play through dinner.

Our Lives - This is a slideshow of photos with music that gently move through dinner fading in and out from each other. This is also great for the cocktail hour or in a separate room from the reception to give guests a place to enjoy the slideshow on their own. This is a wonderful option if you want a slideshow but don't have the time to work on one in detail.

custom wedding slideshow designThe Live Wedding - Our newest options allows us to mix in photos you choose before the wedding or to feature images from the wedding in real time in a continuously updating slideshow. Our wireless camera and screen allows us to let you and your guests star in the wedding. At the end of the night you have a chronological slideshow ready to be viewed immediately. We deliver the finished show in a digital format online, YouTube, Facebook or any other popular uploading sites. This is perfect to enjoy your wedding again your honeymoon. If there is an internet connection pictures can immediately be sent to flickr, facebook, or other popular photo sharing sites. This allows guests who couldn't make it real-time access to watching your wedding!

The Grand Entrance - A 2 minute, action filled intro for the couple that replaces the typical grand entrance. After announcing all of the bridal party and parents, the slideshow kicks in setting the mood for your wedding reception, building anticipation. It immediately transitions into the first dance where slides of the couple falling in love play in the background ending on an image from the ceremony.

The Fun Wedding - We can offer Rock Band, Karaoke, Live Music Videos or anything else you would like to project on the big screen for parts of your wedding. Imagine all of your guests singing along to some of your favorite Karaoke songs on a massive screen! Setup a room that your younger guests can challenge each other in Rock Band or the latest XBox Games. This can be the perfect option for the right couple.

dj screen with uplighting stretch lycra screenScreens

We offer a number of screens to fit the feel and formality of your wedding. We have 10ft x 8ft screens for maximum size and impact where space is not a concern. These screens are both front and rear projection meaning the projector can be positioned in front or behind the screen for a very seamless formal look.

We offer 6ft x 6ft screens that are traditional and clean looking that project a vibrant image to all of your guests. We also offer 5ft x 5ft screens where space is a concern or if it is being used for a cocktail hour or other smaller space.

We'll work with you to choose the appropriate screen for your needs.

High Power Short Throw HD Projectors

We offer only high power short throw projectors. These allow you to see all of your pictures in the brightest, highest quality possible so all of your guests can see and enjoy your slideshow or movie.

Short throw means that using a special lens the projector can fill a large amount of screen space with only a few feet between the projector and the screen. This saves space and creates a much cleaner look because you won't have a tangle of wires for guests to trip over. The projector sits only a few feet away from the screen.



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Your custom-slideshow and beautiful HD screen will truly set your wedding apart and make it truly personal and unique. We can to create the biggest emotional impact with the perfect setup.

We have worked at many of the best venues in the Virginia, Maryland and DC area and can offer our personal insight as to what the best lighting options will be for each venue. This type of expertise and integration into your entertainment is what makes us one of the best entertainment companies in the DC area.

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