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Music for the Bride and Grooms First Dance at the Wedding Reception

The first dance is the first time that the bride and groom share a dance together in front of all their friends and family. The first dance is reserved for the bride and the groom and it is considered bad luck to start officially dancing before the first dance starts.

Having the first dance right after the grand entrance is a great place for the brdie and groom to kick-start the evening. This allows guests to enjoy dancing before, after or during dinner if they choose. It also allows for the bride and groom to look their best sharing their first dance.

5 Tips to Personalize Your First Dance

Some brides and grooms love to dance and they look forward to the first dance to share their dancing prowress. A majority of couples are not big dancers or don't like to be in the limelight for more than a few minutes. Here are a few ideas to make your first dance standout.

1.Take Dance Lessons

Taking lessons before your first dance can help ease tension, and make the bride and groom feel more comfortable because they'll be armed with the moves and the steps that will make them look great. Knowing what steps to use, how to move with the song you've selected, and the overall flow of the dance will make it feel more natural and will be entertaining for your guests who will be sharing this moment with you.

2. Fade Appropriately

Having a set time to fade the first dance song can help shorten the time that the bride and groom are "performing" for the first dance. Most songs have natural break points built into the song that are perfect for fading out. If the song you have selected is a 5 minute song with the last 2 minutes being a jam session, ask your DJ to fade the song at the appropriate time.

3. Grand Entrance First Dance Blend

Songs with long entrances are perfect to blend in with your Grand Entrance. Choose a song with a 30-60 second instrumental introduction that can work as you enter the room then as applause queit down after your introduction you can seamlessly transition into your first dance. This is a great, elegant way to enter into the reception and start off the evening.

4. Original Music

Selecting music for local or independent artists, friends, or writing your own and recording can be an excellent way to personalize your first dance. These songs can carry extra special meaning because they will be unique to your wedding and be specific to you. Straying off the beaten path can be a great way to start the evening especially if you are a music lover because you can introduce your guests to the great music that you listen to.

5. Personal Music

Songs that are personal or special to the bride and groom are some of the best songs to dance to. Not only will it make you feel more comforatble for your first dance, you'll relive all the great moments that you have experienced along with the song you've selected including the new memories you'll make during the dance.

first dance songs and music bride and groom first dance togetherBride and Groom First Dance Music

The songs below have been chosen as a great all around selection of unique songs for the bride and grooms first dance together.


The Perfect Music For Your Wedding

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