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Music for the Mother Son Dance at the Wedding Reception

The mother son dance is a special moment for the groom and his mother to share a dance together. It's a great way to acknowledge the mother of the groom for her support in his life, for the groom to acknowledge the mothers role and for the groom to have a special moment as a son.

Picking the right song can be a tough choice. It doesn't seem there is a huge selection of music that isn't too cheesy, too cliche, or appropriate for this dance. We've scoured our library to come up with a complete mother son dance selection list with previews so you can find the perfect song for the groom to dance with his mother.

Personalize the Dance to Your Tastes

We realize every groom has a different relationship with his mother, or if his mother has passed away, another role model in his life he would like to share a dance with.

Most grooms are are not fond of spending 4 minutes dancing in front of everyone with their mothers. The most popular options is for the groom to dance to 2 minutes of the chosen song so that he has that special moment with his mom, but he also doesn't have to feel awkward that everyone is watching him dance.

Another option is to dance to the same song as the father daughter dance. Both you and your new wife can share a moment with each others parents on the dance floor at the same time. Another great option if you don't like to dance or would rather share the moment with your families.

This is a very special moment and many grooms' mothers like to dance to the whole song with their sons and dancing to the whole song is appropriate.

Taking Dance Lessons

A great way to make the dance more special is to take lessons with your mother before the actual dance. Many dance studios offer special packages to learn dances or songs beforehand so you both feel comfortable when dancing. This is a great way for the groom to spend some time with his mother before the wedding in a more relaxed setting when jobs, wedding stress, and life doesn't get in the way.

Mother Son Dance Music

The songs below have been chosen as a great all around selection of unique songs for the mother son dance. We've hand picked these songs so you can find the perfect song for the groom to dance with his mother.


The Perfect Music For Your Wedding

We would love to talk with you about the music for your wedding. During our initial meeting we will talk about the aspects of your wedding that are most important to you and come up with unique song selections that are meaningful and personal.

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