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Reception Music Choices

Receptions are an important part of the wedding day. As a couple you can be very hands on with your music selections, or as most couples prefer to give your DJ a good feeling of music, genres and artists that you like and have them craft the music together by reading the audience and playing what fits in appropriately. This ensures that you have the best reception possible.

We will go over a list of songs that you might find helpful in putting together the music for your reception. Each wedding is completely different and we update these lists as we hear new songs that fit or weddings where the songs fit in well. The best music will mean something to you, your fiancee, your family and your friends.

Grand Entrance

This sets the tone for the evening. It can be upbeat, funny, elegant, quirky, or what might fit in your overall feel for the wedding. There are generally three songs for the grand entrance, one for the parents, one for the bridal party and one for the bride and groom.

First Dance

This song should be a special song to you, or a song where you feel the lyrics speak to your relationship with your fiancee.

wedding cake cutting bride and groomWedding Cake Cutting Songs

It usually takes 2 songs for the cake cutting. So picking one and having another one ready will make sure there are enough songs to fit the cake cutting time.

Father Daughter Dance Songs

This is one of the harder songs to pick for your dance. The best songs will be ones that your Dad sang to you, or played during a momentous point in your life. The songs below are the start to finding the perfect song for you and your Dad.

mother son dance for weddingMother Son Dance Songs

Another hard song selection to make is picking the right song for the mother song dance. Good songs are ones that mean something to you and your mom or might have been something she sang to you while you were younger.

Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

Bouquet Toss Songs

Garter Removal/Toss Songs

Bouquet Catcher/Garter Catcher Dance

Last Dance of the Evening

Preview all of the above music online through:

Music For Your Wedding

We would love to talk with you further about the music for your wedding. During our intial meeting or conversation we can talk about what you like, things that are important to you and come up with unique song selections that are meaningful and personal to you. Virginia DJs, Maryland DJs, and DC DJs for your wedding reception. Check out below for our availability for your wedding day!

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